Sunday, December 5, 2010


Death is so much easier than love
and the only real way
to be set free

But my dear killer
I wish you’d looked me in the eye
as you dove the knife into my chest

I had imagined a more natural death
than to be slain by the one I love
with a cold electronic No

If only you hadn’t been so fickle
and I hadn’t been so unwavering
I would still be alive today

And though love and ghosts
can survive on wishful thinking
I’m afraid I could not

My heart looked like a mosaic when it broke
The fracturing and fissures my only source of light

Like any romance between a candle and a drop of rain
we made love as only fire and water can

But you will never be any greater
than the sum of your missed opportunities
until you stop missing them

And as for me?

My only mistake
was believing you when you said
you would never hurt me again

My only mistake
was loving you more
than you love yourself

With you I have felt the loneliest
With you I have felt the most alive

And so the refrain goes

Why did I have to be the lesson
that you refused to learn?