Monday, June 20, 2011


1.) That the rain never stops falling I take rent of your sorrow. Treading water upside down. How can I not be indebted to you? You taught me how to swim and every emotion in between. If there is a wall in your way let me turn it into an ocean. I cannot drown no matter how furious the flood. When the remains of your intentions sink to the bottom the water rises and so do I. Synchronicity is a thirteen-letter word. A collision. The moment we loved one another was the moment we were doomed to greatness. But commit this to memory, my love: Greatness is a choice.

2.) I will never say ‘What if’ of my own accord. If words could kill which ones would do you in? Brave men never die of starvation. They are too ravenous. Gnaw on my ribs like a mountain lion devours the deer. I will nourish your body and replenish the sound heaven makes when it is no longer hungry. Ask God and he will tell you. The only way to view defeat is through a kaleidoscope pointed toward a dream. We belong to each other and to nothing. You need my flesh to feed the light. I need your breath to expand my lungs. Love is symbiotic.

3.) Without you there would be no graffiti on the backs of my eyelids. Without you I would be well-rested and dry. But enough of this nonsense. I will enjoy shelter when I am dead. Tonight I wish to sleep underneath your thunderstorm. You are my last thought at night and my first upon waking. Why not make it easy on me? I am connected to the rain like the melody is connected to the song. Let us sing it together. You need to learn to stop remembering. I need to learn not to forget. My only regrets are the ones I carry for others. I have no shame. I have only love. Rip it open.

* * *

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