Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It was the silence that I noticed first
The disorder cured
The breaking of the curse

Then the scratches and scrapes
The scars and the aches
I couldn’t feel them any more

All the little sorrows and rocks
That had lived and tumbled
Inside my heart

Like razor blades in a washing machine
Had transformed into stillness
Ash and phosphene 

Where heartbreak was once the noise that I breathed
For this moment is buried
Under my feet

And now the burden is gone the day is sweet
I see it all so clearly now
I am free I am free

*     *     *  


  1. beautiful post to end the year with.

  2. i always read you carefully because i want to feel what you are feeling when you write those words which paint the emotions of you heart and soul wishing you had shared them when you were not free but glad that you have found a greater intimacy without the jagged cutting edges tumbling in your heart.