Friday, July 2, 2010

The Dedication

This one is for you
They are all for you

Do I even have to say it?

These poems are not mine, they are yours
They are not to you, they are of you

Not only on this day but every day
Not only in this lifetime but in the next one too

These are not sentences, they are maps
They are not blindfolds, they are windows

They are not clouds, they are stones
They are not intentions, they are gifts

This one is for you
They are all for you

And I will never leave out
what I’m too afraid to say

Love redeems everything
I know this much is true

My song remains the same
and I sing it only for you


  1. Beautiful. Nice way to start the holiday weekend. :)

  2. your words are perfect little stones skipping across the abyss of time... I'm jealous of you... in a loving way. Have a wondrous independence day with rockets in the skies sparkling in your eyes:)